Tour Jacket

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Across the map and back, this Tour Jacket has seen venues from Georgia to California, Oregon to Maine and was Cruce's number one go-to while on the road with The Lacs, Moonshine Bandits, Demun Jones, Adam Calhoun and more. Chances are if you've seen Crucifix live you may have a photo with him in this jacket.

Made from a soft sheepskin leather, the Tour Jacket is lightweight making it easier for Cruce to wear it on stage or hours on end. Originally Crucifix purchased two of these jackets, one for the stage, then one to throw on in the crowd after he sweated the first one out. Both jackets are autographed.

New Owners :

Crowd Jacket - Virginia Pritchett, Dexter KY

Stage Jacket - Doug Zehner, Ashland OH