The Brand


In the late 11th Century A.D. a band of outlaws and criminals were forgiven of their crimes, and released from prison under an oath... To fight a holy war in the name of their faith. These Knights of the First Crusade would later become known as Cruce Signati. A Latin name meaning “Cross Bearer” or “One Marked by the Cross.” But in the years that followed, the quest of the Cruce Signati would meet a bitter end in the wake of one lost Truth... The true battle of a Cross Bearer is not one fought against kings, kingdoms or religions. It's not a battle against race, creed or fellow man, but a battle against one's self. Daily putting to death the remnant of the criminal you once were for the sake of that which set you free.

Cruce Signati is more than just a brand, it's a promise. An oath, a lifestyle. A movement of dreamers, visionaries and world changers. Men and women once slave to the prisons of their past, now free by the grace of God, battling daily to rise above and overcome any trial that may stand against them. It is a creed, that lives out loud one day at a time... "I was an outlaw and a criminal.. The chief of all sinners. Forgiven of my crimes and released from the prison of my past under an oath... To put to death everything I was, and wage this daily war against my flesh for the sake of Him who set me Free. This is my story... I am blood, I am sweat, I am tears, I am passion. I am Cruce Signati."