The First Mic

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In 2003 Crucifix purchased his very first studio microphone and began recording his first album from the closet of a small apartment in Griffin Georgia. Since then, every song ever recorded, with the exception of one, was recorded on that microphone. Seventeen years of sweat and tears spilled into that mic, creating over 100 songs, countless collaborations and five full-length albums.

From My Life's Prayer, to Cruce Signati, Acid Reign and Desperado, to every feature ever done with another artist. Every song in the entire Crucifix catalogue except Just Another Thing was recorded on this ADK condenser microphone. Songs like The Dreamer, Sidewayz, My Way, Fly Away, Hell Razor, Outlaw in Me, Tell it to the Bottle... this mic caught it all.

New Owner : Doug Zehner, Ashland OH