Crucifix Biker Bell

  • $14.00

Legend has it, the open road is home to evil spirits that hide within its cracks, waiting to pull down unsuspecting riders... and the ringing of the bell is the only thing that drives them away. Whether you're superstitious your or not, we can all use a little angel on our shoulder when get on that iron. For me, the Bell has always been a small reminder that life is short, so ride with a prayer in your heart.

For almost 100 years, the Guardian Bell has been a sacred staple in motorcycle culture, a good luck charm that can only be given, not bought. One of the greatest honors you can give a brother for his new bike. If you gift it, you must put it on for him, and it must be removed if he ever decides to sell the bike. At which point he can choose to keep it or gift it to the new owner.