The Drifter

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A man puts a lot of memories in a hat, until eventually he finds his way home and that hat, with all its memories, finds its way into an unmarked box at the top of a closet. Years pass, the eventually he stumbled back across it, wipes the dust from its brim and sets it back on his head one last time... all the memories come back like they were yesterday.

June 2018, the Dirt Rock Tour... The most memorable and carefree tour in Crucifix's career, and all the memories fell in this hat. Purchased at a biker rally somewhere between home and who-knows-where, The Drifter became the staple of an unforgettable Summer. American Made from 100% genuine leather, this Drifter still has some miles on its brim... and is lookin' for some new stories to fill its top.

New Owner : Doug Zehner, Ashland OH