Hellfire Cover Guitar

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Forged in the fires of hell itself and scorched to an ash black finish from it's journey through the flames... Okay not really, it's just your ordinary guitar with a little hellish twist. This 6 string Savannah stands as the first guitar ever owned by Crucifix. Purchased exclusively for his feature cover of Muddy Beatz Magazine.

Featuring a 3 band EQ preamp/pickup, an LCD Tuner and Black Gloss Finish, this thin-C profile neck acoustic guitar offers you the warmth, comfort and convenience of a 000 body with a basswood top, and comes complete with a Dreadnought Road Runner case with soft plush interior.

Want it autographed? We got you covered! Just leave us a note during your purchase. This is a one time item, once purchased it will not be available again unless put up for sale by it's new owner. After purchase, photos of the Hellfire Guitar will remain on display in the Crucifix Memorabilia Museum alongside the name of the new owner.