Cradled by Greatness

Cradled by Greatness

You may feel like the best of you has passed. Like your greatest moments are behind you. But only because you staple your understanding of greatness to things that fade. What if you could believe once again that who you might become tomorrow is meant to overshadow everything you've been up until today? Greatness is a chosen absolute. It doesn't dwindle or wither, flicker or fail. It simply is or it is not. It is not an achievement or a single moment, a title or prize. But rather a constant state of being, and one you must choose. For if greatness is to live up to its own definition, it must also do so in you. Constantly. The battle for greatness in you, is only stripped to nothing when you choose to stop fighting. When you believe that what's behind you has already overshadowed what's ahead. When you've given up hope on what could be because of the weight of what you've been. When you abandon the fight within you every time it feels lost. Right now, in this moment, as in every moment to come, you face a choice; to embrace the fight for greatness in you, or surrender it to the pages of yesterday. I dare you... fight like hell today and just see what God brings tomorrow. Be focused, be pure, be intentional, be decisive, be unwavering, and after all those things, be prepared. For the greatness that is to seize you may not look like anything you've ever imagined yourself to be. But one thing is certain, the responsibility of being cradled by greatness will require more of you than you alone posses. For greatness makes kings and breaks them all the same. But him who walks in God will be lifted on its wings and never struck down by its sting.


  • Posted by Jamie Williams on

    This is awesome I was so ready to give up after I lost my house to a fire everything was just gone even my two little dogs everything.. 😭 I had so much hate for the person that set it I am ashamed of the things I was going to do to him . That hate was killing me very slowly and painfully. One night I was just sitting by myself probably smoking some dope I didn’t even want anymore and God spoke to me I guess lol all I could think was he said he would never leave me or forsake me it’s like those words kept repeating over and over not just in my head but in my heart.. that’s what keepse going to be the best person I can be everyday praise God ❤️
    Crucifix thank you for sharing this and everything else you share with the world it helps me everyday ❤️

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