Salt and Light

Salt and Light

Be Light. As the world grows darker, more will fight to find their way through that darkness, but the light of just one is enough to illuminate the path of many. For even a single light can pierce through the deepest of darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it.

Be Salt. As more fight to find their way through the darkness that is coming, the more will be in need of healing, encouragement and the inspiration to stay aflame. For just as salt heals and preserves, it also adds flavor. So let your very existence be one that heals, encourages and makes a dark world taste just a little bit better.

If you are Salt and Light, then you are God’s, and the evil one cannot touch you, harm you or hurt you beyond your appointed time. He can only tempt you to corrupt yourself. So let your battle not be with others, but with your own heart daily, to remain incorruptible until your time has come… These words are for me. Lest somewhere along the way I forget.

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