Parting Seas

Parting Seas

It's the middle of the night. As most the world around me sleeps I can't help but sit up seeking a bit of solace. Some calm amidst the coming chaos. I lay here looking up at the stars, praying, just me and God, and something was laid on my heart that I feel like I should share with you.
"Be faithful and I will bless you. Be holy and I will pour out My blessings upon you. Uncertain times lay ahead, but trust in Me and I will see you through, in the same way I did the children of Israel so long ago, so also I will part seas to put solid ground beneath your feet. I will split mountains to put clean water to your lips. So that all those who look upon your way will marvel at the goodness of My hand and know that I AM the Lord God who pours out blessing on those who seek Me."
"Wicked men will rise around you, and many you love will tremble at their evil. But remember Who goes before you. Remember that I AM the Lord your God, who makes the mountains shake and holds the heavens by My steadfast right hand. The wicked will fall on their own swords, will starve by their own famines, but I will bring upon you a Peace that passes all understanding, if you just but simply walk in My ways. I will bring upon you, in the presence of your enemies, a prosperity amidst turmoil, if you but keep my commandments."
"I AM not finished with you America. I AM not finished with the promise I made to your forefathers. Your land will be shaken, and it must. For you have let evil into your homes, you have invited wickedness to dine with your children. And like a rotten fruit on a cherished vine it must be shaken from you, until you remember Who waters the soil in which you are planted. A mighty wind must sweep over you, but stand strong, be faithful, and I will bless you again with yet another season of prosperity."
"Look inside yourself. Clean out whatever dirty thing may cause decay within you. Lay to rest whatever desire may cause you to not inherit My blessing. Lay it at My feet. Come to Me and I will give you rest. Then on the foundations of your failures I will build a beacon of refuge under which many will soon seek shelter. Be strong, be courageous, be immovable in your faith, for it will soon be tested. Know Who goes before you and stands behind, for you are Mine and there are none who can stand against Me. Just as the sun rises and sets by My very Word, so also will the evil on your land rise and set once again. But you, who I love, remain faithful and I will carry you to the end."


  • Posted by Cheryl on

    Your music is like Heaven on earth to my ears! I just can’t get enough of it all! And I must say you are so very very handsome and your voice is such a turn on! 😍 Don’t ever stop singing and putting sweet music out there! Love you Crucifix💖💋💋💋

  • Posted by Lindsey on

    That just took my breath away for a moment. Thank you for inspiring people for AWAKENING people. Thank you for everything you do. Blessed be to the one who awakens me, so that I can lead them to the light, guide them out of the darkness so they can bask in my glory. Fear not the road ahead will lead us back to our roots so we may grow again…. thank you

  • Posted by Ann Todd on

    Been anxiously awaiting my order! Tracking said Monday the 27th ,but omgosh its supposed to arrive today the 25th!!! Can’t wait for that delivery!! Blessings CRUCIFIX 🙌

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