Flaw Stone

Flaw Stone

All of us have a piece of us that is lost. Somewhere beneath all the wreckage that lies inside, we're looking for that compass to point us back towards purpose. But purpose begins when you stop trying to satisfy yourself, and start working to be satisfied WITH yourself. When you let go of simply chasing desires, and instead desire to be something worth chasing. The truth is; the best version of YOU is the only thing the world will ever need from you. Go discover it.

Understand that He who made you weaved an intricate design all the way to your core, and no one can take it from you. Don't be swayed by voices that would lessen your worth, or crippled by doubt that would weaken your stride. Trying to please others will never please anyone, including you. Pretending to be more than you are will never impress anyone, including you. Instead, work to become the version of you that you alone are satisfied with. Embracing your flaws like stones that couldn't break you, and wielding your strengths like weapons sharpened on the stones of your flaws.

We've all walked through some of the same hell together, our experiences are common, but YOUR story is unique, and on it's waves ride a treasure that you're meant to share with the world. Share it. Because right now someone needs to hear about the hell you conquered yesterday, and the power you breathe into their steps will be the fuel that helps you conquer your hell tomorrow. Discovering your purpose isn't all that hard, it's just about stepping out of the way, so who you were created to be can shine through like it was meant to. And once it does, you always find that piece that of you that was lost.


  • Posted by V on

    Wow. Awesome.
    My husband passed away 6 years ago in April this April. What you have written here really resonated with me. When my husband died I felt and heard my heart shatter like it was made of glass. My parents came and brought me from Colorado to Michigan.
    It took a lot of time, but the Lord brought me thru it. My heart feels almost whole again. I still miss him.
    Thank you for the music and your words here. I’m getting back into God’s Word again.
    God bless you.

  • Posted by Jennifer on

    Wow, these are amazing and so true and real. I know that these shorts reads help one to see things in a different view especially cause your right we end up doing it alone. Why? Well, for some reason no one wants a person to see anything good in themselves.
    To me that seems crazy, and I’m called crazy. Hmmm, I say we were taught backwards. In Putting everyone first before ourselves, not knowing ourselves following wrongly. And we can’t possibly treat folks with love in righteousness if we don’t know ourselves, or how to be. Thank you I always enjoy reading your shares and they are much helpful. God bless… Jen

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