Like Leaves

Like Leaves

Like the leaves of the season, so are friends. Blooming in our lives but for a brief, waking moment, shining bright, vibrant in all their splendor... then quickly fading into yesterday as a new season peeks over the horizon. Suddenly the leaves begin to change and we find ourselves gripping tighter and tighter, holding on to what we had while each beautiful color fades before our eyes... If only we could learn to let go, how much heartache we would save.

Sometimes we find ourselves simply gripping that leaf because of how long we've held it. Holding onto friends that don't want to be held onto, just because of how long we've known them... The love is gone, everything we once had in common a distant memory, yet we hold on because of time spent, hoping that what once was will be once again. Yet with each passing breath we only heap more and more hurt upon ourselves striving to revive what was lost... Let go.

Sometimes people change, and while you may stand in this day the same person, wondering what happened, no reminder of who they once were is enough to bring them back. Let go. Because while there is something so beautiful about fighting for someone you love, there is also something as equally beautiful about letting go of what chooses to fly. See, the true beauty of friendship doesn't come from a single leaf, but from the circle of seasons, where a thousand leaves fall and you soak in the beauty of each one. Because only when we learn to cherish the season will we truly be able to cherish the leaf.



  • Posted by Janamichelle on

    Oh wow! Speechless. 👍

  • Posted by Cyndi Couch on

    So true and well said!

  • Posted by Robin Evans on

    I truly love this.

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