Check your Corner

Check your Corner

Success is really just about who you surround yourself with. If you feel like you're not where you want to be... look at who's in your corner, then cut the fat. Life's too short to sacrifice what you love for people who don't respect it. Fill that corner with those who's heart, dream and journey match your own. Like iron sharpens iron you'll build each other and succeed together. Jealousy won't hinder your stride, and one day when it's all said and done, you'll look back on the life you lived and not just love the work of your hands but be thankful for who you calloused them with.


  • Posted by Ghost Shadow on
    Crus you have a great talent.. seen you with so many different folks… as an old fart like me liven that life of extreme cliff dives … how I do relate … then as I had a daughter found I gave it back to God … Willingly … now I have a great product the community sees value in my mistaken wayz ….. anyway brother stay vigilant and I pray for you and yours .. life is a struggle and when we mourn ….. it’s time we find we climb back up from the ruins we have produced…. Then we gain certain ground no one can take away nor question … God Blees as he has you tightly…
  • Posted by Pacer pricket Tk Beas mode on

    I’ve certainly reached out to you a few times not to do anything more than to take what magic you’ve already done and put it out there again to let people be stricken the same way your music time and time again makes me feel I had someone who thought I was your biggest fan say that he isn’t all that you think he is I never told him I stand up and support you my brother as a soldier for Jesus Christ out lord and I’m a soldier fighting stage 3 bone cancer that’s taken over everything expcept my passion for music my caregiver is blown away how I sound so much like you and your man Sean’ Paul in the song down to die if I could get a response saying That you would be willing to listen to it I would be honored and I’ll be waiting to hopefully get a response sincely T k beast mode spiritual soldier always suited and booted Cameron aka crucifix so let me do this some and maybe projects together i am not riding any coat tails I put that on my skin god bless you and your family

  • Posted by Pacer aka beast mode on

    And just so you don’t get the idea I’m trying to ever do something better than you I can’t ever do that I’m trying to put it out there how it has given me strength and Energy and encouraged me to come and ask you even with a dry mouth and my negative thought running rapid but I still did it

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