Passion of Purpose

Passion of Purpose

If you set out to discover anything about yourself today, discover purpose. The unhindered harnessing of your strongest gifts, fueled by your deepest passions, then drawn to the surface by the work of your hands, the song of your heart and the journey of your feet. Purpose is the one thing, that once discovered, can turn a hopeless life with a determined will into an unstoppable force.

It is the priceless gem within you, that only you can hide and only you can polish. A gem that can be ignored but not removed, forgotten but never stolen. For since it isn’t created by man, no man can rob you of it. Rather, purpose is the inseparable root of one’s soul buried in the soil of the divine. The very breath of God breathing eternal inspiration, strength and relentless devotion into one’s labor, struggle and earthly pursuits.

A force so fiercely woven in the fabric of our being that even if we deny the existence of a Creator, His breath lives within us nonetheless. Purpose is the heartbeat of your soul. The only piece of yourself which you can discover, that existed before the world began and will exist into eternity. So discover it… cut, polish and set it on display. Because like any gem, while it may not be a light in and of itself, it will always be the most beautiful way to magnify the light that already lives within you.


  • Posted by Heather on
    Thanks and God bless to all yeah all my efforts and all left me holding nothing and. No reason so just tired of the used and all and ones running out on me I just want my kids time that can’t get and all and find that one that love that can live me without. That just miss be held and. Feel the same love that I give but there’s none out there for me don’t know I know never give up but I can’t carry this pain of the world and hear the screams of the kids being abused and feel it to much pain that deep can’t it killing me I want. It to end and. One thing that. Must do to find peace it only way. So. Keep working to. Better this world cuz I can’t be here or handle it alone anymore and. I am out of time good luck follow God first godd bye
  • Posted by Laura Hodges(Wood) on

    You say the MOST inspiring words in everything you say .. That is a gift from God. Keep sharing the love my friend. “Thank you”!

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