Take Hold Again

Take Hold Again

In this very moment there is fear within you, fear draped over you. Uncertainty of what is to come. But to you who read this now, take heart. For the plan of what is to come is so brilliant it could only be given by God. And through what is to come God will sanctify His people. Return us from our darkness to Him. Now is not the time to fear, but a time to pray. To pray for this Nation, to pray for this people. This blessed and beautiful people of multitudes, nations and tongues.

In this moment, take hold again of what you once held highest. Take hold again of the First Love to which you have forgotten. Take hold again of the hope that has been squeezed from your grasp. The Lord of Hosts has His hands around you, and in this moment of uncertainty is blinding the eyes of those who would reject him. Hardening the hearts of those who would deny Him. But to those who hear His voice, there is beauty to come. Come back to Him. Lay your burdens at His feet that He may hear your prayers and drive the fear from your heart.

A time of healing is upon us. Take heart and take hold of the God you once held dear. He is calling His own to rise up and once again take hold of righteousness, to become again blameless, that He may pour out on us a blessing to which we could never imagine. Raise your voices, stir up your fading hearts, revive the strength of your spirit and take hold of Him again. Return that you may be blessed. There will be those who refuse to walk with you, but there will also be those anew who will join you on your path. Walk. In fearlessness, in hope, in Him.

Leave behind the mistakes of yesterday, they don’t define you. No more than a single footprint defines a lifetime of steps. For our path is paved in mercy not condemnation. So take on mercy! That as the world kneels in fear around you, fear of what's uncertain, fear of what's unknown. You may stand. Stand that the world may see God in you and be lifted from the chains of their fear. For the God who holds the universe, who spun it into being has not once lost control on your life. But is using this brief moment of darkness to show you just how bright the Light you have forgotten really is. Return. Take Hold!


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    That was beautiful bro huge fan. “Just another thing” used to b my fav. Song now its GTA be “FORSAKEN”. U a boss on d Mic bro whether you’re singing or rapping keep the hits comin bro.one ? When U N THE LACS GNA DO A VIDEO TO 1 OF YOUR SONGS?

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